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Aeolian Biotech Corp.

Aeolian, established in 2022, is committed to creating an improved pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (iPCV) that addresses the continuing threat of emerging/circulating pneumococcal serotypes.

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Pneumococcal Disease (PD)

Streptococcus pneumoniae is a common bacterial pathogen causing:

  • Non-invasive disease such as pneumonia, otitis media, and sinusitis

  • Invasive disease (IPD) such as bacteremia and meningitis

  • Pneumococci cause over 50% of bacterial meningitis in the US

Globally approved vaccines do not reflect current PD epidemiology

The incidence of PD today is related to many emerging serotypes not covered by currently available vaccines

  • ~900K pneumococcal pneumonia cases annually in the US in spite of the broad use of Prevnar 13/20 demonstrating that these vaccines are not adequately addressing the strains causing disease 

  • The CDC estimates there are 150K hospitalizations due to pneumococcal pneumonia in the US annually

  • Among children under 5, PD is a leading cause of death in LMICs

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